Key Staff


Shelly Herbst | President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Education | BA History and Litigation Management Certificate 

Ms. Herbst has over 20 years of experience in project development and management, contract management, and business development.  As President and CEO, she is involved in the firm’s business development efforts, including strategizing and long-term planning and marketing.  She is ultimately responsible for development and sustainability for Marron’s programs.  At the macro level, she oversees overall project management including ensuring project schedules and budgets are met. She is also directly responsible for negotiating contracts, contract management, and overseeing the firm’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control program.  In addition to these primary responsibilities, as a small business owner she is also involved in every aspect of the business including insurance, human resources, daily operations, and community service.   With respect to the latter, Ms. Herbst has been involved in community service for a number of non-profits for approximately 20 years.  She coached youth soccer for over ten years and then was on the board for a large soccer club for over six years.  Additionally, for five years she served Sandoval County as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), and for two years she served on the board for a non-profit organization that provided free legal services to underprivileged citizens.  She is currently active in a number of economic and industry-related organizations and committees in New Mexico. She has received training from Leadership New Mexico, Small Business Association E200 Emerging Leaders Program, the University of New Mexico (UNM) Anderson School of Management, BLM NEPA, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) NEPA and Transportation, FHWA Corridor Preservation, American Society of Civil Engineers in Wetlands and 404 Permitting, and BLM Noxious Weeds.  In 2012, she was honored as one of New Mexico’s top CEOs for small businesses.


Environmental Science and Planning Program


Eric Johnson | Senior Environmental Project Manager

Education | BS Range Ecology and MPCD Planning and Community Development

Mr. Johnson has 24 years of experience in the environmental field with extensive emphasis on projects that adhere to NEPA. He has prepared categorical exclusions, EAs, and EISs for infrastructure and transportation projects.  He is experienced in collecting data and analyzing impacts to resources such as geology, soils, biology, socioeconomics, environmental justice, land use, recreation, visual resources, hazardous materials, and cumulative impacts. He also evaluates properties for effects from hazardous materials and documents the findings in Phase I Environmental Site Assessment documents. Mr. Johnson is proficient in agency coordination and public involvement and routinely organizes and conducts public involvement meetings and formal public hearings.  He is fluent in Spanish and frequently translates handouts into Spanish and has run several meetings in Spanish as well.  Mr. Johnson is certified through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He has received training in Land Use Planning, Transportation, and Hazardous Materials Management. Certifications: AICP, CHMM.



Natural Resources Program


Paul Knight | Natural Resources Program Manager

Education | BS Biology and MS Botany

Mr. Knight serves as Natural Resources Program Manager and has 40 years of experience in biological, ecological, and wetland studies; regulatory compliance; and project management.  His expertise includes detailed knowledge of plant and animal communities and species composition including habitat requirements for a variety of state, federal, and Navajo threatened and endangered species.  He is also a former member of the Federal Recovery Team for threatened and endangered species within New Mexico and Arizona.  He has authored hundreds of biological assessments, evaluations, and technical reports.  Mr. Knight maintains successful working relationships with all of the agencies as well as numerous tribal entities throughout the state, including extensive experience with the Navajo Nation’s regulatory agencies.  He also has extensive experience in wetland determinations and delineations and has completed hundreds of wetland studies and reports that have been accepted by the USACE.  


Heather Parmeter | Project Manager/Biologist/Water Resources Lead

Education | BS and MS Biology

Ms. Parmeter serves as Project Manager, Biologist, and Water Resources Lead and has over 15 years of experience in biological resources (fisheries and general biology) and environmental project management.  She authors and reviews biological and environmental reports, conducts field surveys, assesses habitat suitability for protected species, and provides recommendations for avoidance or mitigation of impacts to sensitive resources.  Ms. Parmeter manages NEPA compliance processes, organizes public involvement efforts, and leads Marron’s CWA section 404/401 permitting work.  She prepares individual permit applications and associated documents, nationwide permit preconstruction notifications, and assists clients with the identification of appropriate nationwide permit coverage.


Cultural Resources Program


Toni Goar | Cultural Resources Program Manager

Education | BS Anthropology and MA Historical Archaeology

Ms. Goar is the firm’s Cultural Resources Program Manager and has more than 20 years of experience in archaeology.  She manages ongoing projects and Cultural Resources personnel, oversees report completion, and writes treatment plans.  Ms. Goar also provides field supervision of small and large-scale projects, laboratory supervision, and artifact analyses.  She has also completed a number of private and governmental assessments requiring NHPA Section 106 consultation.  As a permitted historian, Ms. Goar routinely inventories buildings and records their information on Historic Property Inventory (HCPI) forms.  She has conducted archaeological excavations (testing and data recovery), cultural resource surveys, cultural resource monitoring projects, historical investigations, archival research, public outreach projects, and completion of National Register of Historic Places nominations.  She holds professional registrations/certifications from BLM Lands in Southwest Texas, State Trust Lands in New Mexico and Arizona, Navajo Nation, USFS Lands in New Mexico and Arizona, and BIA.


Stanley Kerr | Crew Chief

Education | BS Anthropology

Mr. Kerr serves as Crew Chief and has five years of experience in archaeology.  With field experience in Colorado and New Mexico in archaeological excavations, surveys, and historical investigations, he leads surveys and assists in report writing.  Mr. Kerr is permitted as a Field Supervisor on the SHPO directory. Recent experience includes a large excavation project in Albuquerque, numerous utility surveys within NMDOT rights-of-way statewide, and a linear survey in the Santa Fe National Forest.  He is a member of the New Mexico Archaeological Council and has received training in NMAC-BLM Dinetah.


Geographic Information Systems Program


Marcel Browne | GIS Specialist | Licensed Educator

Education | Dual-major BA English and Spanish  | GIS Coursework 

Mr. Browne serves as Marron’s lead GIS and IT Specialist.  With more than eight years of experience in GIS, he works with clients to recommend GIS strategies, database management, data analysis, data entry, digitization, QA/QC processes, and cartographic plotting.  He has experience working with city-, county-, and state-level data related to planning, transportation, natural resources, mining, and utilities. He routinely works with engineers, biologists, surveyors, and planners throughout the project process and is responsible for coordinating the delivery of all AutoCad and MicroStation data to clients.  Mr. Browne’s software experience includes ArcGIS 10.x, ArcGIS 9.x, ArcView 3.x, AutoCAD 2011, Trimble Pathfinder 5.0, TerraSync, Terrain Navigator, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.  He also works with various GPS systems.


Alex Ochoa | GIS Coordinator

Education | MS Planning |

Mr. Ochoa serves as GIS Coordinator for Marron’s Cultural Resources Program.  He has more than three years of experience managing the GIS aspects of projects and providing GIS data to clients and various state and federal agencies.  His responsibilities include preparing project area and plan view maps, creating survey and search area buffers, generating file search data and data recovery, obtaining land status information, attributing data, digitizing site boundaries and project areas, georectifying maps and images, creating annotations, creating tabular data, loading GIS data into field GPS units, and managing incoming GPS field data to produce accurate and professional quality maps.  She has software experience in ArcGIS 10.x, ArcGIS 9.x, Trimble Pathfinder 5.0, TerraSync, Terrain Navigator, TopCon Link, and MS Office; and his training includes total station equipment usage.