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Public Involvement

Successful project development frequently requires a well designed and executed public involvement program. Marron provides a full range of public involvement services ranging from developing public involvement strategies and plans to facilitating public meetings and hearings.  Often public involvement events vary from a single town hall meeting to a series of stakeholder meetings focused on issues identification, needs analysis, goal setting, alternative development, impact evaluation, and decision-making.

Successful public involvement includes an appropriate public process strategy, identification of key project issues and needs, early identification of key stakeholders, using a variety of media to convey messages, and incorporating stakeholder input into the project development process.


Public involvement services provided by Marron include:

  • Public process design
  • Context Sensitive Solutions project development
  • Issues identification
  • Problem definition
  • Public meeting organization and facilitation
  • Public presentations
  • Stakeholder notification
  • Public process documentation and records management
  • Public hearings