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Decades of experience IN the Southwest

NV5’s staff is experienced with the broad requirements and agency-specific procedures needed to successfully apply NEPA when needed and to prepare agency-specific documents, including categorical exclusions (CEs, CXs, or CATEXs), environmental assessments (EAs), environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental reports (ERs), and environmental information documents (EIDs).  Depending on the agencies involved and level of environmental effort, NV5’s documents typically examine the proposed action and alternatives; incorporate the findings of resource surveys that identify the affected environment; analyze data to determine impacts of the proposed alternatives; and provide recommendations and mitigation measures.  Therefore, successfully navigating the environmental clearance process requires an in-depth understanding of the lead agency’s standard procedures, permitting agency requirements, public and stakeholder concerns, and deep expertise in resource issues, impact analysis, and impact avoidance, minimization, and mitigation measures—all of which NV5 brings to the table.

NV5’s environmental analysts include specialists who have completed thousands of documents to differing agencies’ standards; who have developed strong relationships with the local, state, and federal resource and land managing agencies, as well as many of the tribes and pueblos; who are experienced with public outreach efforts; who routinely prepare, plan, and analyze/review technical studies and permit applications; and who understand the different industries NV5 supports, many sectors including energy; housing; infrastructure; oil and gas; transportation; utilities; water, sewer, and wastewater treatment; and private and commercial development. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, an editor, an information technology (IT) specialist, and administrative staff support our technical personnel.

Environmental Science and Planning Services include:

  •         NEPA Compliance 

  •         CEs, EAs, and EISs

  •         ERs, Environmental Information Documents, and Other Agency Formats

  •         Administrative Records

  •         Visual and Viewshed Analysis

  •         Environmental Justice and Socioeconomic Studies

  •         Air and Noise Studies

  •         Public Involvement and Community Outreach

  •         Agency Coordination and Consultation

  •        Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for Hazardous Materials

Powerline Study in central New Mexico.

Powerline Study in central New Mexico.